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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Time To Fight

I write you countless letters in my mind.  They speak words of grace and wisdom and love for all you do.
They say things like, "you are stronger than I and my best wishes go out to you."  They are laid out on pretty pink parchment and scrolled in blue ink.  Every i dotted with a heart and every sentence ending with a smile.

At the end of every letter, I paste an American flag with a bald eagle.  Pictures of home and family are floating throughout.

We start our days back home with coffee and a shower.  You start yours by loading your gun, hands trembling in fear.  We pray for you as you pray for yourself.  I sing for you to those who will listen.  I write for you to those who will read.

While you are over there fighting for our freedom, I am over here fighting for your safe return.  Although the wars we each fight differ greatly, in silence, I fear for my life as much as you fear for yours.  However, we both continue to fight.

I see you on the news at night.  I see the bombs and the fear in the peoples eyes.  I do not envy you for your position, rather, I admire you for your courage to face the darker side of our world.  I find myself in awe over the travesties you face and pull yourself through.

I know you are doing the right thing.  You are keeping us safe at home from groups of mad men whose goals are to kill, kill, kill.  However, there is a constant nagging in my heart that you may not make it home safely.  I see your funerals on the news.  I see your injuries in pictures.  I see the pain in your eyes.

At night, while I write to you, I cry for you.  I cry for your anguish and the stress you endure.  I cry for your family and the fear they will never show you.  I cry for the support we all give, knowing these could be the last days...

I cry because I care.  In this time to fight, I can only love.  I can only hope.  I can only dream.  I may not know you or understand what you face, but I still fear for you.  I pray for you.  I sing and write for you.  And I anxiously await the day you walk American soils again...

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