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Monday, June 11, 2012

Every Home Needs A Calendar

In a new effort to simplify some of the aspects of my life, I've realized that I need to get my life organized.  I need to find ways to remember things, remind myself of things I want to accomplish, and make the most out of the time I have.

I have never had a calendar in the 5 years I've been on my own.  Not once has a pretty calendar with scribbled appointments and inspirational photos hung from my kitchen wall.

Granted, yes, I have a cell phone with a functional calendar on it that even has task lists, notepads, and goal applications, I don't enjoy keeping my cell phone on me at every waking moment of every day.  If I feel  like taking a few hours of "me" time without any distractions, that means the cell phone is OFF.

So, I have decided I need a calendar.  A good, old-fashioned, hang-on-the-wall, no-bells-and-whistles calendar.  I don't care about the new ones that come with appointment stickers and pen holders and ass wipers, I just want a plain and simple PAPER calendar.

I feel like the days of the calendar are gone...or at least very limited.  I miss going to someone's home and seeing that calendar on their wall with all of their weekend plans and school vacations and big events.

I miss the art of writing things down in general.  *I love how I say that while I sit here and type on a blog.*

But seriously, I feel like writing down those tasks and goal lists and grocery lists really help the mind to remember them.  If I type it in my phone or on my computer, I feel like it doesn't hold as well to the walls of my memory.

Even if they aren't the important tasks and appointments, I feel that planning it can never be a bad thing.  Yeah, maybe I will make a date on Thursday for those 2 hours of relaxation.  Or on Sunday morning, I think I'll put some time aside to read or craft or dance naked across my living room.  And every time I walk by the calendar, there it will be!  My appointment for something I want to do.

So, in that case, here I am typing what I want rather than writing it down on an empty blog page rather than a wall calendar.  But, I promise, soon enough I will own a wall calendar!

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