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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Cry for Help

I figured the best way to start this blog off would be to post one of my poems.  One thing I feel very strongly about is this War on Terror.  Nothing bothers me more than being at war for reasons we don't even know anymore.  No one really knows why we are at war anymore.  The media has created this war frenzy that has weighed on our minds since the war started.  If you hope for an end to this war, this poem is for you.

A reason for glory
A reason for fame
It takes us by surprise
The rules of this game.

Cities are burning
Destruction, despair,
"We will take them down," they say,
Without a single care.

The sun rises,
Over the cities of doubt,
All hope is lost
Of ever getting out.

The Post-Traumatic substances,
Wash away the pain,
Of the generation before,
Forced to remember it again.

The strength for defeat,
Has crashed; burned.
The feeling of relief
Is a tough lesson learned,
For it hasn't come for them yet,
It hasn't had a chance,
As they play around in these deserts,
The performance of deadly dance.

We await a savior,
We await a saint,
Pull these men out
Of this deadly fate.

A letter hits home,
Of his last day,
Before the games of Satan
Washed him away.

Cries are heard nationwide,
When the car arrives,
A mother's worst nightmare
Her baby's demise.

Fear has struck millions,
It hits you, it hits I...
It's something you don't see,
On the outside.

Little do they know,
The Great Flood has arrived.
Nights spent awake,
With the tears we cry.

Someone save us from this fear,
Save us there, save us here,
Save the ones that we hold dear.
Take this pain, take this fear...

~Malia Moriarty
    April 15, 2008

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