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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Route 91

There is something beautiful about autumn in New England.  I noticed it while driving home from our Greenfield store last weekend.  I took Route 91, which I once found to be a boring highway, and for the first time, I saw it in another light.

After driving for a while, the scenery came together as if the atmosphere was a canvas and I was the artist.  I took a mental photograph of this image and painted a picture of it in my mind.  As if it were coming toward me, I saw a mountain in the distance on the highway. It was the most breathtaking sight I had ever seen, especially on Route 91!  The hillside reminded me of green velvet with reds and oranges budding at the tips of the trees.  In the middle of the mountain was a small white cottage.  It reminded me of a photograph you see hanging up in an art gallery.

Nature has a way of surprising us with it's magnificence.  While traveling on Route 91 and seeing the mountains, placed so perfectly and delicately, like gentle giants, so warm and welcoming, I felt as though those mountains were placed there for me to see.  I really wished someone was with me on my drive from Greenfield.  It was such a beautiful trip, I don't see how anyone couldn't appreciate it.  When I return to Greenfield this coming week, I plan on taking pictures of the mountains in the area.  They are one of the many things New England has to share with the world.

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